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Car Problems

Car woudn’t start yesterday morning. Poor thing wouldn’t even turn over it’s engine, just kept blinking it’s running lights like it was sick. We couldn’t get ahold of the mechanic at the dealer because it was Sunday. Today we had to wait until past 7:00 to reach him. The good thing was, they sent a towtruck to get us and provided us with a rental for however long it took to fix the car.

We figure it was probably a battery problem because last Monday we took the car in for its check-up and oil change. They found the battery and cables were corroded. A new battery was installed, but no cables because they weren’t in stock. They were supposed to call us when they came in a day or two later. No phone call. I’m glad the car didn’t have any problems when we went up to Casa Grande on Saturday to have lunch with our son and his girls. I guess sitting in the garage overnight, did something to the cables.

Bad thing was getting the car out of the garage. The towtruck operator tried jumper cables but they didn’t work. When the battery goes out on these new cars, nothing works. We couldn’t even open the liftgate in back. Good thing we didn’t lock the car or we probably wouldn’t have been able to get in. The car finally was pushed out on some roller things and then loaded but it took an hour.

It’s very frustrating when you don’t have a car, but the dealer came through so we can make Kurt’s doctor appointment this afternoon. The repairs, the towing, and the rental are all covered by the dealer. We have a comprable rental although not an SUV so it’s hard for us to get in and out of it.

The mechanic should never have left us drive the car home until they had the parts, but they’re making good on all of it. Just that our morning was shot dealing with all this.




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Morenci Poetry

I’ve been writing poems about Morenci. I wake up every morning for the past week with a new poem in my head. What’s strange is that I retain most of the words until I can type it out. Sometimes later that same day, others in a day or two.

I’m trying out a new program called Blogo to see if I like it and want to buy it.

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